3D Imaging

Cone Beam CT Scan

I always ask my dental colleagues; is digital dentistry changing the way you practice? It’s an important question. There are many technical reasons why this is important but for my patients the most important reason, is it will improve your overall experience and outcome.

For me, digital dentistry is changing the way I practice, because I am utilizing the Carestream 3500 (CS 3500) Intraoral Scanner (IOS) in dental implant therapy. Using this state of the art technology, I can improve and streamline the restorative process for your dental implant(s) while decreasing your number of visits as well decreasing the time your visit takes! A dedicated workflow has been specifically designed for implant borne scanning.

Allow me to explain why I can make these claims to my patients and why I find it so exciting!

3-D intraoral scanners are revolutionizing the way we take impressions. This scanner eliminates the need to take a traditional putty impression. The CS 3500 makes a more precise impression and is a more comfortable experience for the patient. The CS 3500 is a powder free IOS that allows practitioners to obtain high quality 2-D and 3-D images. It is the most compact easy to use IOS on the market!

The Scanning Process:

The CS 3500 features a unique light guidance system that captures .STL data files during the image acquisition process. [I place a scan body abutment on the implant before the scanning process.] Scans acquired by the CS 3500 can be exported as open format .STL files and easily sent to the lab of your dentist’s choice to discuss making your new crown(s). Now your restorations are produced via the digital model utilizing CAD/CAM technology!

My priority will always be taking the best care of my patients. The CS 3500 helps me do that. This scanner significantly improves patient care and has allowed the days of uncomfortable impressions to become a thing of the past! I appreciate and value the trust my colleagues and patients put in me and my team. I’ve attached photos of the scanning process for your review. I look forward to sharing this game changing technology with all who entrust me with their care.